Area 3 Steering Committee Minutes

October 10, 2012

Meeting convened at 1950 hrs. by Janet Hansen. She apologized for the mixup in the meeting. Minutes distributed to review.

Introductions: Mark Norris, Larry Kwiat, Deirdre Martin, Steve Karstrand, Herb Philbrick, Steve Fink, Jim Webb, David Ward. Judi McInerney, and Janet Hansen. E J has moved to Vermont and Janet is taking over his position. Mark Norris asked why there are two separate places in Draper’s program? LMSRF is different from the sail yacht racing website. Mark Noris requests that they be interconnected and made simpler. Adjustments to fleet reps. Secretary of area 3 should be able to go into database.

Minutes changed to reflect Judi McInerney's presence at last meeting. Otherwise Mark Norris moved to accept last meeting's minutes. Steve Fink seconded motion. All in favor.

Report from nominating chairman, Steve Fink, said that committee suggests that Janet move up to fleet captain. Steve Fink and Larry Kwiat are on the nominating committee. They are trying to fill the secretary’s slot. Asked for members to send nominations to Steve Fink. Anyone can serve and be eligible if they have served two years, not necessarily consecutive. There is no one in mind, but they would like to get some ideas. Janet Hansen said that the secretary will do the fleet captain job as prescribed by the guidelines. Steve Fink gave his e-mail address.

Checking account has $9,643.16. No monies expended or put in.

Racing scoring... What worked, what did not. Some issues were addressed before meeting. People should check in with organizing authority if they are not scored. Mark Norris said that port to port races have been better attended. There is no Hamilton cup. Turning Point is getting a trophy. Herb Philbrick asked if there was a deed of gift for Bi-State Race. Chicago Yacht Club, while having not organized a Labor Day weekend event for many years continues to award the Hamilton Cup Trophy each year. It was not awarded the last two years because of no contest due to weather related issues. It was awarded this year, with the help of Don Draper calculating the overall finish times, the winners were, 1st -MENTAL, 2nd Turning Point and 3rd Night Hawk and yes, there was only seconds separating the top five boats. Herb specifically asked why CYC awards it for the Bi-State v. Tri-State if the Deed of Gift states otherwise and the answer is that the Deed of Gift states a Labor Day (or end of season) weekend distance event and when the Bi-State was established several years back, CYC chose the Bi-State as the races to be scored for this trophy, which is well within the guidelines of the Deed of Gift. They are open to suggestions. Mark Norris tried to get Bi and Tri-state scored. Draper took care of it for him and there were only seconds separating finishers.

Scoring program seems to have been useful, according to Herb Philbrick and Steve Karstrand, in spite of terse replies. Mark Norris said that response was no better this year.

Janet Hansen asked what we’d like to see in the scoring program. One design fleet should have timing put back in. One design fleet can discuss that. Mark Norris said that Don Draper stopped scoring overall. He stopped because the fleets stopped submitting PHRF ratings. We'd like to have the ability to score over all. Steve Karstrand said he agrees that the one design should have time. Janet Hansen read Don's communication to her. Steve K. asked if all T- 10’s should get an LMSRF certificate. Steve Fink said that the fleet captain should submit the PHRF rating for the fleet. We have to change the NOR. Mark Norris proposed that we assign a rating for one design fleets. Jim Webb seconded it. David Ward said that 36.7's have to submit a one design certificate in lieu of PHRF. Mark Norris amends that any one design boat that meets the class rules may race in any Area 3race and will be scored for corrected time, within their class. Jim was happy with the amended motion. If they are not racing in their class, they needed a

PH RF certificate. Larry Kwiat asked what Don Draper would do with that. If someone races in the race when there is no one design start, they have to have a PHRF certificate. IE: long distance race. Any one design or fleet that would like to participate in a race under their class rules will not need a PHRF certificate as long as they are racing to their class rules. Motion carried. In any Area 3 race, Herb Philbrick wondered if there was a class PHRF certificate. One boat in the section should provide a PHRF certificate to verify the rating. There is some variation from boat to boat even in one design. The fleet should pay for certificate. Can Don's program accommodates two different ratings for the same boat? David Ward said in MORF, they have a one design rating and a PHRF rating. Jim Webb says he has a PHRF certificate because he raced in a long distance race. There was no T-10 section in the Lutz long distance race.

Janet Hansen asked if there was any other issue in racing or scoring. If race committee doesn't use a white mark at the finish line, for downwind finish, SF said this should be brought up at the sailing seminar. If the white finishing buoy is written into the GSI's, Mark Norris said that he would not be opposed to that change. It would be limited to buoy racing. If you race under the class rules, you can use the class certificate. If you something outside of the class rules you would have to have the PHRF certificate. Steve Fink said that when that did work, that some race committees got three races off in one day.

NOR adjustments. We will still require LMSRF membership. Yacht club memberships should be a requirement for racing in Area 3. US Sailing does not require yacht club membership. Deirdre Martin said that because of the economy, we shouldn't require. David Webb said that MORF is only $75.00 per year. Don Draper did not do it. Mark Norris made a motion that Area 3 requires membership in a yacht club or recognized authority. Jim Webb seconded it. Discussion ensued about membership. All in favor. Motion carried.

Boat of the Year: Olaf is away on business. What do we want to do? Fee for registering? Don Draper would charge an $8.00 fee per year. Chicago Yachting Association used to charge $45.00. Don Draper started in 2009. Mark Norris feels that $8.00 per boat is not outrageous. Steve Fink moves that we charge a $10.00 fee, a yearly registration fee. Discussion ensued. Herb Philbrick said that if Draper can't do it can we get money back? Draper has said that he could do it, so Herb Philbrick said okay. Mark Norris seconded. Motion carried.

Scoring: Mark Norris suggests we get newbies out by paying just $10.00 registration fee to try racing. Steve Fink said they tried a test run for one half the fee. If they like it they can pay the rest, if not just leave. Mark Norris said newbies could sign up for one or two races just for $10.00 and the race fee. It has to be in the NOR. Organizing authority will assign PHRF rating. You will be given a provisional rating. It will not be official. Steve Fink asked if Janet Hansen would assign a subcommittee to work on a proposal on how to get newbies involved. Jim Webb, Steve Fink and Herb Philbrick will work on it. They will report at the next meeting.

NOR/GSI adjustment: Janet Hansen, Olaf and EJ. Mark Norris suggested Olaf do it. Janet said he is the scheduling chair. Mark Norris said he would take over scheduling if no one wanted to do it. Don Draper collected $312.002 to process fees of $3000. Fees were $60.00 per boat of the year by Chicago Yachting Association.

Schedule: All finishes opposite starting line with white buoy. Deirdre Martin will work on scheduling. David Ward will check with MORF for MORF Open change in dates. Chicago Yacht Club will adjust their Commodores cup. Could BPYC do Abe Jacobs on September 8?

Seminar: US sailing on February 23. Will also do one in March or April. Work on local race round table.

Boaters’ Bash : Larry Kwiat handed out brochure and schedule. Asked if people would hang up in their yacht clubs. Deirdre Martin asked if she could be included on agenda after Janet Hansen. She would like to present overall PHRF long distance trophy cosponsored by LMSRF after 8:15 PM. Janet Hansen thinks that Columbia beer can award should move to end, after yachtsman of the year award. Mark Norris asked who gave Larry Kwiat the authority to award yachtsman of the year. Larry Kwiat said he had some meetings with a number of people.

Janet Hansen said we need boat of year criteria and yachtsmen of year criteria. Mark Norris made a motion, but Janet Hansen said she could assign a subcommittee. Mark Norris said he would be happy to serve. Deirdre Martin said she wouldn't work with him. Mark Norris will chair boat of year committee, long distance race. Larry Kwiat said that the yacht clubs should display results from Don Draper's website. Janet Hansen said her info from Olaf is not the same as what Larry Kwiat has listed. ORR overlay does not show up reliably on Draper’s scoring system. Organizing authority had to authorize it. Question for Draper-how do we do that?

Larry Kwiat wants to know if flags are ordered. Janet Hansen didn't have the order in. We missed the deadline so will cost 60% more. Deirdre Martin said she’ll get them done for from compass design. Larry Kwiat sent out an e-mail looking for volunteers and did not get any response. Steve Fink and Mark Norris said one design fleet boat of year results are different from Area 3. They don't like it, but they are two different series. Larry Kwiat wanted to know who will be ready. Burnham Park Yacht Club and Steve Fink may or may not be ready and will let him know if we need a table.

No old business.

Chicago Columbia Yacht Club is having a Dave Perry racing tactics program on Saturday, October 13 at 1730 hours. Cost will be $30.00 for members and nonmembers $40.00.

Deirdre Martin asked if e-mails can be corrected. Need to update - she will do it. If she doesn't see people at meetings, contributing, she will toss them out. Mark Norris said that had been secretary's job. It shouldn't be Don Draper’s.

Jackson Park Yacht Club will have a Safety at Sea seminar on January 19 2013. Bryan Adams is moderator. It will be limited to 50 participants. There will be a weather seminar on January 20 2013 moderated by Amy Seeley.

As there was no further business, Steve Fink made a motion to adjourn. Jim Webb second, but the second is not needed. Next meeting, Monday, November 12, 2012 at 1830 hrs. at Jackson Park Yacht Club.

Respectfully submitted,

Judi A. McInerney