MINUTES Area-III Steering Committee January 09, 2013

Present at Chicago Cornithian Yacht Club were:

Janet Hansen, Fleet Captain

Larry Berliant, Treasurer, Waukegan Y.C.

Peter Cooper, Secretary, MORF

Olof Andersson, Columbia Y.C.

Ken Colbert, Chicago Y.C.

Terry Deegan, St Joseph River Y.C.

Steven Fink, Chicago Corinthian Y.C.

Steve Karstrand, T-10 Fleet

Larry Kwiat, Columbia Y.C.

Deirdre Martin, PHRF Fleet

Judy McInerney, Burnham Park Y.C. (alt)

Herb Philbrick, Michigan City Y.C.

Don Waller, Burnham Park Y.C.

Jim Webb, Jackson Park Y.C.

Janet Hansen, Fleet Captain, opened the Meeting at 6:45 p.m.

Larry Kwiat moved to approve the minutes from the November 2012 meeting and (someone) seconded. Janet called for discussion. Peter Cooper noted that Dave Ward was not in attendance at the November meeting. Janet Hansen called for a vote to accept and the motion carries.

Treasurer’s report

Larry Berliant gave the Treasurer’s report. He advised that the treasury consists of a checking account balance of $8,345.35. Jim Webb moved to accept the Treasurer’s report and Steven Fink seconded. The motion passed.

Section Breaks.

Deirdre reported that her sub Committee has recommend the following 2013 section breaks:

Deirdre said the goal was to balance the number of boats racing per section. The changes are back towards the sections breaks in 2010-11. The impact on the two PHRF 15 boats, Eagles Wings an Renegade was discussed. Larry Berliant moved and Steve Karstrand seconded a motion to accept the section breaks as presented. The motion passed with one dissenting vote.

NOR's and GSI's

Olof Andersson reminded the committee that the NOR's require all boats to be a member of an organizing authority, as required by RRS 75.1. Practically this requires either membership in a club or direct membership in US Sailing. Fleet scoring for races was discussed. The consensus was reached to use a “fleeting rating” for boats racing as one design. Olof Andersson moved and Jim Webb seconded a motion to approve the NOR's and GSI's subject to correction of typos and an addition to include fleet scoring. The motion passed.


Janet Hansen reported that the Design by Don contract has been approved. She circulated the terms of an amendment (Appendix C) to document the fees which Design by Don will charge for Series Scoring.

The “newbies subcommittee” had no report

Deirdre Martin reported from the Boaters Bash subcommittee that space would be required for 170-250 people which limits the choice of possible venues to Columbia YC, Burnham Park YC or either Chicago YC location. Judy McInerney suggested that BPYC was having their 75th anniversary and might be a good choice. Deirdre said that the subcommittee's next step is to select a date.

Ken Colbert reported that Chicago YC would try be be inclusive and offer PHRF overlays as desired by racers. He is drafting a short questionnaire to poll the Area-III racers on their desires regarding ORR / PHRF scoring. [note added – his first draft arrived on 1/1013]

Steve Karstrand reported that the question of inter-club racing was still under study.

It was reported that thus far no one has sent Greg Miarecki the names of any boats/captains who would racing in RYF with a PHRF rating.


A “Yachtperson of the Year” subcommittee was formed consisting of Larry Kwiat (chair), Larry Berliant, Peter Cooper, Mark Norris, and Don Waller. They are charged to report a set of criteria for the award and a mechanism for for determining a recipient.

Racine YC is considering moving the HOOK race off the MAC race weekend in 2014. They have requested us to forward an email to our clubs from them seeking feedback and opinions.

Email from Don Draper regarding the website was discussed. Olof Andersson suggested that there should be an offical date for SSIs to be posted. Jim Webb made a motion,seconded by Steve Karstrand, to have the NOR's require that SSI's are to be posted before May 1, 2013. The motion passed. Larry Kwiat asked if the finish page could include the skipper and club for each boat.

Deirdre Martin will publish an Area-III flyer to be handed out at Strictly Sail. She solicited input for this flyer from all clubs by 1/14/13 and asked how many flyers groups would like to have. She also suggested that the PHRF Long Distance Boat of the Year award should be made at the Boaters Bash. There was a consensus on this point but no motion.

Fleet Reports

CYC – I having Dick Rose give a racing seminar at Belmont on Feb 3

JP – Is hosting a Saftey at Sea seminar on on Jan 19

T10 – Steve Karstrand shared a poll of the T10 fleet about the quality of race management. The T10 fleet requested a $300 donation from Area-III to defray the costs of bringing a T10(Skidmarks) to the Strictly Sail show. Steve Karstrand made a motion, seconded by Ken Colbert, to make this donation. The motion passed with 6 yes, 1 no and 1 abstention.

BPYC - Judy McInerney, reported that BPYC will run a middle school program on the Science of Sailing in 10 sessions in the spring.

PHRF - Deirdre Martin requested that all clubs send her their schedules for inclusion in ther Port-of-PHRF website.

Janet Hansen announced that the next meeting is scheduled for February 13, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at Columbia Y.C.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Submitted by Peter Cooper Area-III, Secretary, February 4, 2013