MINUTES Area-III Steering Committee February 13, 2013

Present at Columbia Yacht Club were:

Janet Hansen, Fleet Captain, JPYC

Peter Cooper, Secretary, MORF

Olof Andersson, Columbia Y.C.

Ken Colbert, Chicago Y.C.

Steven Fink, Chicago Corinthian Y.C.

Steve Karstrand, T-10 Fleet

Larry Kwiat, Columbia Y.C.

Deirdre Martin, PHRF Fleet

Judy McInerney, Burnham Park Y.C. (alt)

Jim Webb, Jackson Park Y.C.

Janet Hansen, Fleet Captain, opened the Meeting at 6:35 p.m.

Jim Webb moved to approve the minutes from the November 2012 meeting and Deirdre Martin seconded. Janet called for discussion. Janet Hansen called for a vote to accept and the motion carries.

Treasurer’s report

In Larry Berliant absence Janet gave the Treasurer’s report. The treasury consists of a checking account balance of $8,345.42. The $300 donation check to the T-10 fleet remains uncashed; Steven Fink pleads “mia culpa”.

Section Breaks.

No changes, no discussion:

NOR's and GSI's

Olof Andersson reminded the committee that the SSI's at due on the website before May 1. He also reported that CYC has adopted the Area-III section flags. Janet Hansen reported that standard course boards have been acquired for the BOTY clubs Both of these actions are to try to provide racers with a consistent view of the committee boat at starts.

Deirdre Martin observed that last seaon committee boats made courtesy broadcasts to the starting fleet only about half of the time. She suggested that this become the standard procedure. She also requested that postponements be broadcast.

Steve Karstrand asked what had become of 10 minute F (foxtrot) warnings. Olaf reportedt that these were removes as of last year's SSIs. Janet observed the the L (lima) checkin flag, which goes down at 10 minutes before the first gun serves the same purpose.

Peter Cooper summarized by suggesting that the goal was to keep all the racers infomed.

Steve Karstrand started a discussion about the option to setup the race course closer inshore (SA8) rather that going all the way out to SA3. The motivation is to maximize racing and minimize commute time. The T-10 fleet would like another race to be started if it gets off before 3:00pm.


Janet Hansen announced that a US Sailing Race management course will be held at JPYC on Feb 23. The PRO test following the seminar will be online. Registration for this course is only possible through US Sailing.

The “newbies subcommittee” had no report

Deirdre Martin reported from the Boaters Bash subcommittee the next step was to fix a date and time. After some discussion it was decided that BPYC couldn't accommidate the crowd expected (170-250) and CYC was booked for the reasonable Niovember dates. The Boater bash will be heled Nov 9, 2013 at Columbia Yacht Club.

Ken Colbert reported that CYC intended to PHRF sections for some of the buoy sections in the 2013 NOODs. PHRF sections for the VERVE to to be determined.

Steve Karstrand: no report on interclub racing.

Larry Kwiat reported for the “Yachtsman of the year” sub-committee distributing a list of criteria for the award. The sub-committee was charged to report next meeting with a “mission statement” to characterize the award to the community and a plan for how to determine the winner.

Deirdre Martin was thanked by the steering committee for producing and providing the handout at Strictly Sail.

Deirdre and Janet reminded the committee that the Racine YC is considering moving the HOOK race off the MAC race weekend in 2014 in order to increase participation from Chicago. They would like input which Deirdre will collect.


Deirdre Martin reported that the PHRF Fleet will meet at Burnham Park Yacht Club on Wednesday march 6. She is proposing alternate PHRF long distance races on the Saturdays of the NOOD and VERVE weekends to be run by MORF who already runs some of their long distance races then. This proposal will be discussed with the PHRF fleet at the 3/6 meeting. A proposal to add these races to the Area-III schedule may follow these discussions.

Don Draper has a “flash ad” running atop his Area-III website homepage. It was suggested that the steering committee look at it prior to any discussion at the next meeting.

It was suggested to post the approved steering committee minutes to the website.

Fleet Reports

PHRF - Deirdre Martin requested that all clubs send her their schedules for inclusion in ther Port-of-PHRF website.

MAC Race 2013 Larry Kwiat reported that due to the low lake levels the MAC race is planning to only allow boats drawing less than 6.5 ft at the Island. Others will be relocated to St. Ignace.

CCYC – Steve Fink reported that there will be a free Racing Rules seminar, sponsored by the T10 fleet, held at CCYC on Feb 16.

T10 - Steve Karstrand thanked the Steering committee for the donation in support of bring the T10 Skidmarks to Strictly Sail. The 2014 T10 Nationals are scheduled to be held in Lake Michigan in the first week of August. A bid package to host these in Chicago is being prepared.

JPYC - Janet Hansen reported that a CPR class will be held at JPYC on March 9 with a second course to be scheduled in April if necessary.

Janet Hansen announced that the next meeting is scheduled for March 13, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at Chicago Yacht Club (Monroe St Station).

The meeting was adjourned at 8:06 p.m.

Submitted by Peter Cooper Area-III, Secretary, March 4, 2013