MINUTES Area-III Steering Committee March 20, 2013

Present at Columbia Yacht Club were:

Janet Hansen, Fleet Captain, JPYC

Larry Berliant, Treasurer, Waukegan Y.C.

Peter Cooper, Secretary, MORF

Olof Andersson, Columbia Y.C.

Steven Fink, Chicago Corinthian Y.C.

Steve Karstrand, T-10 Fleet

Andrea Krasinski, Chicago Y.C.

Deirdre Martin, PHRF Fleet

Don Waller, Burnham Park Y.C.

Judy McInerney, Burnham Park Y.C. (alt)

Herb Philbrick, Michigan City Y.C.

Jim Webb, Jackson Park Y.C.

Janet Hansen, Fleet Captain, opened the Meeting at 6:38 p.m.

Deirdre Martin moved to approve the minutes from the February 2013 meeting and Jim Webb seconded. Janet called for discussion. The question was raised about posting approved minutes on the website – Yes. Janet Hansen called for a vote to accept and the motion carries.

Treasurer’s report

The treasury consists of a checking account balance of $8,015.48. Clubs are incourgaed to pay the LMPHRF dues. Motion to accept by Jim / Steve K carries.

Section Breaks.

The J105 fleet is requiesting their own start given an expectation of 5-7 starters. It up to the individual clubs in the SSIs. .

NOR's and GSI's

The deadline for SSI's on the website is May 1, 2013.

Please update your club information, contacts, etc on the LMPHRF website.

Old Business

Newbies subcommittee (Steve Fink)

Reach new racers through club lists and email

Waive fees for new racers. Identify a few such races (e.g. MORF practice races on 6/9, 6/15 and 7/21 are already this way). A practice start before the race at the committee boats discretion?

Deidre suggested guest skippers to race with newbie to show them the ropes.

Boater Bash 11/9 at ColYC

J105 fleet wants to award their trophies at the bash – Sure! Why not.

CYC overlay update (PHRF survey) Tabled Ken absent and Don W has questions.

Interclub racing and scoring (Steve K) no report

Yachtsperson of the year (Diedre for Larry K)

Nominations from website deadline Sept 1

Present Yachtsperson of the year committee will be the committee to pick a winner. Award at the Boaters Bash.

Motion to leave the awards name as “Area-III Yachtsperson of the Year” (Don W/Steve F) Unamimous (but Larry K would vote nay if he were present).

PHRF Meeting report (Deidre)

Two meeting were held, on in Waukegan and one at BPYC. Attendance at each was 12-15. There was enthusiasm reported from the PHRF fleet for PHRF races on the NOOD and Verve weekends. At present CYC plans to offer PHRF racing only for boats 79 and above in the NOODs.

A motion was made (Diedre / Don W) to add two PHRF Long Distance races to the the Area-III schedule , a 20+ mile day race run by MORF with their Zimmer Long Distance race on 6/8 (Saturday of NOOD weekend) and a two day, two race regatta to and from Michigan City to be organized by MCYC and MORF on 8/10-11 (Verve weekend). The idea for the Michigan City races is to have home port starts and finishes at Waukegan, Belmont and SA7. The motion carried 11 yea, 1 abstention.

The issue of Don Draper's “flash-ad” on the website was discussed. No one voiced any concerns.

Racine YC is still soliciting input on their plans to change the HOOK race date and course in 2014. Send any comments to Deidre.

Fleet Reports

PHRF - Deirdre Martin requested that all clubs send her their schedules for inclusion in ther Port-of-PHRF website.

MAC Race 2013 Larry Kwiat reported that due to the low lake levels the MAC race is planning to only allow boats drawing less than 6.5 ft at the Island. Others will be relocated to St. Ignace.

CCYC – Steve Fink reported that there will be a free Racing Rules seminar, sponsored by the T10 fleet, held at CCYC on Feb 16.

T10 - Steve Karstrand thanked the Steering committee for the donation in support of bring the T10 Skidmarks to Strictly Sail. The 2014 T10 Nationals are scheduled to be held in Lake Michigan in the first week of August. A bid package to host these in Chicago is being prepared.

JPYC - Janet Hansen reported that a CPR class will be held at JPYC on March 9 with a second course to be scheduled in April if necessary.

Janet Hansen announced that the next meeting is scheduled for March 13, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at Chicago Yacht Club (Monroe St Station).

The meeting was adjourned at 8:06 p.m.

Submitted by Peter Cooper Area-III, Secretary, March 4, 2013