Present were:

Janet Hansen-Fleet Captain/JPYC; Columbia

Steven Fink-Treasurer/CCYC

Olof Andersson-Columbia

Deirdre Martin-PHRF

Don Waller-BPYC

Steve Karstrand-T-10 fleet

John Notch-MORF

Laura Beck-JPYC

Brian Anglioletti-Beneteau 40.7 fleet

Kirsten Hartman-Columbia


Fleet Captain Janet Hansen called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.  Those present introduced themselves.  The Fleet Captain declared a quorum present.




                Brian Anglioletti moved to accept minutes from the last meeting and Don Waller seconded.  Discussion was called.  Steve Karstrand pointed out that a correction was required so that the minutes showed on the last page that the suggested date of the Colors Regatta was 2 weeks back.  It was also suggested by several present that the language regarding Summer Sailstice be amended to show the suggestion that the Committee indicate its support for the event.  The minutes were approved as amended.




                The treasurer reported that the bank statement as of December 31, 2014 would be added to the minutes but should be around 8,200.00.  The actual balance as of December 31, 2014 was $3,876.46 but there are checks to deposit, still, from the Boater’s Bash.  Kirsten Hartman moved to accept the report.  Don Waller seconded.  The motion to accept the Treasurer’s report passed.




                Deirdre Martin explained that her request to the Clubs for their plans and dates for long distance races was information for the PHRF fleet and not for use by scheduling by the Committee.  As to the Area III proposed schedule for 2015, she asked that the Club representatives check to make sure their races had been set out correctly.  Deirdre also advised that in preparing the calendar that she had not displayed certain non-Area III races sponsored by CYC.  She had done this to save space on the calendar for the display of newer, Area III sanctioned races.  Steven Fink, Olof Andersson and Brian Anglioletti pointed out that having all races shown on the calendar would allow racers to view everything in one place to use in planning their season.  Steve Karstrand moved to accept the calendar with changes as discussed.  Steven Fink seconded.  The motion was passed and the schedule was accepted as to dates.  Steve Karstrand then moved that the Colors Regatta, the NOOD and the Verve regattas be displayed in the “other races” column.  Olof Andersson seconded.  The motion carried.


Further discussion on the schedule was had with regard to the PHRF long distance schedule.  Deirdre reported that the Dash to the Dock race may be extended to add a portion for boats coming from the North, but which would finish, perhaps, somewhere near Montrose. 


Fleet Captain asked if the committee would consider assembling as calendar for the 2016 season.  The consensus was that it would not be possible at this time.  Lack of knowledge about the exact dates of the 2016 NOOD and Verve regattas prevents a calendar from being assembled.  The task was put over to, at least, the Summer of 2015.




                Deirdre reported that there will be no changes from last year.




                Don Waller reported that section 4.2.2, Fees, of the NOR has been amended to make clear to racers that membership fees to LMSRF and US Sailing must be paid or the boat will not be scored.  Instructions are included on how to get these items paid.  Deirdre Martin reported that the Port of PHRF website also contains this information if racers need it.


Don also reported that a Farr 40 section start has been added to the GSI in the closed course starting sequence and that the NOR and GSI are preliminarily complete.   Chair calls for a motion.  Steven Fink moves that the Board accept the NOR and GSI as written.  Laura Beck seconded.  The motion carried.  Don hopes to get them posted to the website by January 11, 2015.




                Olof Andersson is working on the Notice and planned to distribute a draft to Area III Steering Committee members for comment by January 11, 2015.


It was generally noted by the chair that yacht clubs should have their SSI’s posted to the website not later than April 25, 2015.




                Steven Fink reported that from Larry Kwiat’s and Gail Turluck’s reports, $5,421.00 was received for ads in the Boater’s Bash program and that the Area III Steering Committee netted $1,062.00 from these sales.   The chair explained to the committee that the Steering Committee does  not receive any  portion of the income received from the amounts charged by Columbia Yacht Club from the event fees, food sales or bar sales.  The Committee receives these figures only to use in tracking participation and in helping Clubs decide whether they would consider bidding on hosting the Bash.


                Olof Andersson reported that the 2015 Boater’s Bash is on Columbia Yacht Club’s calendar for November 7, 2015.




                The Fleet Captain asked for volunteers to comprise the Nominating Committee.  Nervous silence followed.  Olof Andersson volunteered Larry Kwiat, who was not present.  The Fleet Captain volunteered herself to help Larry.




                There was no discussion on Old Business.




                Steve Karstrand announced that the first of the Chicago T-10 Association/Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club joint Winter seminars will be held January 24, 2015 at CCYC from 9:00 to Noon.  Deirdre reminded committee members to send their club’s event announcements to her.  She will post them to the Port of PHRF website.  The site will gladly post all events scheduled intended to involve the sailing community which are open to everyone.


                The Fleet Captain reported that Terry Deegan, of St. Joseph River Yacht Club, is the finish line chairperson for the July, 2016 Queen’s Cup, which race finishes there, that year.  She suggests the Area III 2016 race schedule take into account that boats returning to Chicago from the 2016 Queen’s Cup may want to organize a race for the return.


                The Fleet Captain and Olof Andersson will work on the Race Committee 101 Seminar to be held May 2, 2015 at Jackson Park Yacht Club.  Plans call for a classroom session in the morning and an on-the-water session in the afternoon.  The seminar is scheduled to run from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  It is open to members from any of the clubs involved in Area III .


                The Fleet Captain announced that the next meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m., February 11, 2015 at Columbia Yacht Club.  A meeting will be held, if necessary, on March 11, 2015 at Chicago Yacht Club.




Steven Fink moved for adjournment which motion was passed at 8:40 p.m.